Postcrossing! Addicting & fun!

Postcrossing! Addicting & fun!

09/09/2014 0 By Travelette

We live in an age where handwritten paper mail is not so common anymore, even the normal mail nowadays comes in via internet, such as contracts, bills and invoices.
I have always liked receiving mail. I have a really good friend in Hungary with whom I write and I always send postcards from my holiday address to my family and friends. When they go, I receive some back from their trips. It just has it’s charm, knowing that it’s from all the way across the world, coming all the way into my house. I love to see the stamp designs as well. For the stamp collectors among us it is also a tip to just keep writing, start postcrossing.

Years ago I stumbled upon this nice phenomenon and I have been very active for a short time. Recently during the cleaning of my drawers I suddenly found a lot of postcards and suddenly I remembered: Postcrossing!

What is Postcrossing?
It is a very nice concept for those who love sending and receiving old fashioned postcards. The purpose of Postcrossing is to offer people the opportunity to receive as many postcards as possible from all over the world, as Postcrossing says itself. In addition to the usual bills, taxletters and other stuff in your mailbox, it is always nice to get mail, and what is more fun than to receive postcards in your mailbox from all over the world ?! Right.

How does Postcrossing work?
First you create a profile on You fill in your address and tell them a little about yourself, so that everyone who gets your address knows what you like and what kind of cards you like to receive. For example, I like to receive a card with a landmark of that country, such as monuments, buildings or animals and nature.
When your profile is complete, click on ‘send postcard’. Then you will see the random address of another member of Postcrossing somewhere in the world including a code. It is very important that you enter the code on the card, so that the recipient can register the card on the site upon receivement. You, the sender, will receive a notification when the card has arrived. When the recipient wants, they can send you another message via the website to thank you or contact you.
For every send card, you will receive one back. So in order to receive, you have to send.

My statistics
I myself have not come very far yet, but in the short time I was busy with it I received 9 cards and 8 sent. These 9 cards received also came from 9 different countries: Russia, America, Latvia, Denmark, Japan, Turkey, United Kingdom, Finland and Germany. You can also choose to send cards from and to your own country. I turned this option off because I did not find this interesting. It can therefore happen that you send or receive cards more often to, for example, Germany, because some countries have more members than other countries.

Postcrossing is more than just exchanging cards. It is also a real community. You can send each other messages, view each other’s profile and discuss on the forum. Of course it is up to you to what extent you want to participate.

Do you still like receiving real paper mail or prefer email?