5 reasons why you should live abroad at least once in your lifetime

5 reasons why you should live abroad at least once in your lifetime

30/12/2014 0 By Travelette

Nothing is more enriching than living abroad for some time. How long? Three months? A year? That does not matter. It is about the experiences you gain, the people you get to know, but above all: getting to know yourself.
Below are five reasons why you have to leave (temporarily) abroad at least once in your life:

  1. Getting to know a new country / culture
    A vacation. A city trip. You can taste the culture of the country. But nothing is more beautiful and better than being in the middle of it for a longer period of time and living life as they do there.
    One of the most beautiful things about living in another country was the style of the house. For me this was: a real Spanish apartment including furniture and bad colors on the walls, standard with blackout blinds against the heat and of course a bidet. But mostly the culture. For example: food, meal times, bedtime (read: people are out and about until really late), life that takes place mostly outside.
  2. Learning a new language
    A new language often comes with a new country. This is  also one of the main reasons people go abroad. Me, as a Dutch speaker for example, speaks English well,, but even living to an English speaking country can improve your English enormously. You are of course, working with the language 24/7 and this will probably take away your accent and expand your vocabulary.
    In a country where you do not speak English, things are even better with a little bit of effort.
  3. Gaining experience
    Experience in any way. Studying a semester abroad. Working one year. It is always looks good on your c.v. You show that you have become independent and confident by leaving your familiar environment behind. You have gained work experience or studied a semester in another language.
    You show that you have been able to manage yourself in a different culture than your own, you are flexible and can understand others better. Maybe you pick up a new hobby or sport when you’re there. Also a good way to get to know people.
  4. Getting to know yourself better
    There is no better way to get to know yourself better than to be away from your familiar environment for a while. You start with a clean slate and will have to handle many things yourself without your family and friends. You need to find new ways to get to know people and you may have to leave your comfort zone several times.
    Making memories
    It sounds very cheesy and cliché, but it is true. You make memories for life. I myself notice that I often think back to my wonderful time abroad. Which of course also had ups and downs. Nobody can ever take these experiences and the memories from you.  Who knows, maybe you want to go abroad later or do not want to go back home, ever.

Have you ever lived abroad? If so, do you feel like the experience changed your life?

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